The MXM Fabric Provider


The mxm provider is deprecated and will be replaced in a future release of libfabric.

The mxm provider runs over the MXM (Mellanox messaging) interface that is currently supported by the Mellanox infiniband fabrics. The mxm provider makes use of MXM tag matching API in order to implement a limited set of the libfabric data transfer APIs, namely, tagged message queue.


The mxm provider doesn’t support all the features defined in the libfabric API. Here are some of the limitations:

Endpoint types
Only supported type: FI_RDM
Endpoint capabilities
Endpoints can support the only data transfer capability FI_TAGGED.
FI_CONTEXT is required. That means, all the requests that generate completions must have a valid pointer to type struct fi_context passed as the operation context.
The supported mode is FI_THREAD_DOMAIN, i.e. the mxm provider is not thread safe.
Unsupported features
These features are unsupported: connection management, event queue, scalable endpoint, passive endpoint, shared receive context, rma, atomics.
Mem tag format
MXM library provides a tag matching interface with just 32 bits wide tag. Another 16 bits are available for matching via specifying an MXM MQ. Hence total maximum available matching bits equal 48. This is why the only allowed mem_tag_format is 0xFFFF00000000.



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