fi_net - The net Fabric Provider


The net provider is a developmental fork of the tcp provider focused on improving performance and scalability of HPC/AI applications, without impacting the stability of the tcp provider. It will be merged back into the tcp provider at a later point in time. See the fi_tcp(7) man page for additional details on the tcp provider.


The following features are supported

Endpoint types
FI_EP_MSG is supported by the net provider. The net provider shares the same msg endpoint protocol as the tcp provider.

FI_EP_RDM is supported directly by the net provider, unlike the tcp provider, which requires the use of the ofi_rxm utility provider. The net provider extends its msg endpoint protocol to support rdm endpoints. As a result, the net provider’s rdm endpoint protocol is not compatible with the ofi_rxm;tcp layered protocol.

Endpoint capabilities
The net provider supports FI_MSG, FI_RMA, and FI_TAGGED.
Shared Rx Context
The net provider supports shared receive context
Multi recv buffers
The net provider supports multi recv buffers


A full list of supported environment variables and their use can be obtained using the fi_info application. For example, “fi_info -g net” will show all environment variables usable with the net provider.


fabric(7), fi_provider(7), fi_tcp(7), fi_getinfo(3)