fi_guide - libfabric programmer’s guide


libfabric is a communication library framework designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements of high-performance computing (HPC) applications. libfabric defines communication interfaces that enable a tight semantic map between applications and underlying network services. Specifically, libfabric software interfaces have been co-designed with network hardware providers and application developers, with a focus on the needs of HPC users.

This guide describes the libfabric architecture and interfaces. Due to the length of the guide, it has been broken into multiple pages. These sections are:

Introduction fi_intro(7)
This section provides insight into the motivation for the libfabric design and underlying networking features that are being exposed through the API.
Architecture fi_arch(7)
This describes the exposed architecture of libfabric, including the object-model and their related operations
Setup fi_setup(7)
This provides basic bootstrapping and setup for using the libfabric API.