fi_control - Perform an operation on a fabric resource.


#include <rdma/fabric.h>

int fi_control(struct fid *fid, int command, void *arg);
int fi_alias(struct fid *fid, struct fid **alias_fid, uint64_t flags);
int fi_get_val(struct fid *fid, int name, void *val);
int fi_set_val(struct fid *fid, int name, void *val);


Fabric resource
Operation to perform
Optional argument to the command


The fi_control operation is used to perform one or more operations on a fabric resource. Conceptually, fi_control is similar to the POSIX fcntl routine. The exact behavior of using fi_control depends on the fabric resource being operated on, the specified command, and any provided arguments for the command. For specific details, see the fabric resource specific help pages noted below.

fi_alias, fi_get_val, and fi_set_val are wrappers for fi_control with commands FI_ALIAS, FI_GET_VAL, FI_SET_VAL, respectively. fi_alias creates an alias of the specified fabric resource. fi_get_val reads the value of the named parameter associated with the fabric resource, while fi_set_val updates that value. Available parameter names depend on the type of the fabric resource and the provider in use. Providers may define provider specific names in the provider extension header files (‘rdma/fi_ext_*.h’). Please refer to the provider man pages for details.


fi_endpoint(3), fi_cm(3), fi_cntr(3), fi_cq(3), fi_eq(3),